Surely all 3D CAD systems have Synchronous Technology?

Since being released in 2008 Synchronous Technology has rightly received rave reviews from users, and pundits alike.

It addresses those questions we as users have been constantly striving to answer:

  • How can we change our design as quickly as we change our mind?
  • How can we capture ideas as soon as we think them?
  • How do we thrive in a multi CAD world?
  • When will CAD be so simple anyone can use it?

The great news is that we are now seeing many of the CAD software vendors actively present their tools to address these issues. But we’re being bombarded with confusing messages, nothing is clear, in fact things are confusing, everything is a shade of gray. From what we are seeing surely all these systems use Synchronous Technology.

Wrong! There is black and white. Whilst there are many 3D CAD systems available only two have Synchronous Technology those being Solid Edge with Synchronous Technology and NX, both Siemens PLM Software products.

Why the gray then? As always terminology tends to confuse the issue quite a bit. So let’s define the terms:

  • History-based: features managed linearly and are dependent on each other, edits trigger regeneration of subsequent features
  • Direct editing: body editing that appends a feature in a history modeller (parametric but directed from parent feature)
  • Explicit editing: body editing in a non-history based system (no parametrics other than some possible dimensions)
  • Synchronous Technology: feature-based, history-free modelling that offers parametrics in a non-history world

There are many systems that use history based, direct editing and explicit editing methods. Sometimes a combination of these methods may seem like Synchronous Technology. But only Solid Edge with Synchronous Technology and NX actually have Synchronous Technology.

This is what Synchronous Technology can do:

Test your own or other 3D systems to see if they can do this, and gray will become black and white.

Why not try Solid Edge with Synchronous Technology for yourself.

You can get a free 30 day evaluation by selecting the following blue text. Free trial of Solid Edge with Synchronous Technology.

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