Solid Edge Drawing Border Utility

Our last few posts discussed the availability of some free Solid Edge training material. This time we have information about an invaluable FREE Solid Edge utility.

There can be occasions when drawing sheets or background graphics in existing draft files need to be modified in some way. Maybe our original templates were generated way back when Solid Edge was first implemented. Now fast forward a few years and hundreds if not thousands of drawings have since been created using those templates. If we now need to make a change to the drawing borders, perhaps to accommodate a company name change or some other modification, we would update the template files accordingly.

However, these changes will only affect new drawings created using the updated templates. What if we wanted to update some, or all, of our existing drawings too? The only solution using vanilla Solid Edge is to individually open the drawing files so that we can copy and paste the changes from the new template into them. This is an arduous task to say the least.

Ingenea Border Control is a free utility that automates the task of replacing background sheets in your database of drawing files. It is very easy to use but we have prepared a short instructional video so you can see Border Control in action.

Border Control is completely free. In order to receive the download link please make sure you fill in your details in the registration fields to the right of the video. Even if you don’t need to use Border Control right now we would still recommend downloading it as we don’t know how long it will be available for free.

Click on the image below to view the video.

Free Solid Edge Training

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There Are 3 Responses So Far. »

  1. looks interesting

  2. thank you very much for preparing a useful tool…

  3. I had to replace around 15k drawings with a new template. Thank you to Ingenea for the Border Control application.

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