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Solid Edge Survey – Have Your Say on the Future

It seems that changes are afoot at Siemens PLM and there is a new drive to improve the way they listen to and interact with their customers. They have recognised that whilst Solid Edge, and the other products in the Velocity portfolio, have a lot of potential there is always a great deal of room for improvement. This includes areas such as the use of Solid Edge in academic situations, brand recognition (or lack of), and listening to their customers regarding improvements that need to be made to Solid Edge to help them achieve their design tasks.

There has been an awful lot of discussion on the Solid Edge Newsgroup (BBS) regarding this. It is generally recognised that things are looking very positive and moving in the right direction. If you are not a member of the newsgroup, then why not head over there, sign up and take part in the discussion. All you need to login are your Solid Edge WebKey details.

Solid Edge Newsgroup. [1]

One of the first great things to come from this new drive is the launch of a global Solid Edge survey. Siemens are hoping to get a big picture overview on the way you use Solid Edge and more importantly how satisfied you are with the tools you have at your disposal today. This will help them to decide areas to focus on in development.

This is your chance to have your say on where you would like to see future enhancements in Solid Edge.

Take the Solid Edge Survey NOW. [2]

Solid Edge Survey [2]

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