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A New Solid Edge Community Is Born

At 2:00 PM GMT on Thursday 19th November, Solid Mastermind. [1] was launched to the global Solid Edge community.

Solid Mastermind [1]

So what is Solid Mastermind all about?

Solid Mastermind is THE community for Solid Edge professionals. Think of it as The International Association, Alliance, Federation, Guild, League, Order, Society or Syndicate of Solid Edge Professionals.

Solid Mastermind is about you. In fact Solid Mastermind is all about the COMMUNITY

Solid Mastermind includes the very best self paced training and support solution for Solid Edge whilst also providing a community framework for Solid Edge professionals to interact, share experiences and ideas.

Solid Mastermind is invaluable for everyone who is either:

and this applies whether you are a corporation, an individual, or anywhere in between.

Why not visit Solid Mastermind [1] and explore the site.

For more information please take a look at the about [2] page.

Top Edging,

Jon Sutcliffe