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Top 5 Events of Wednesday 25th June 2008?

  1. Solid Edge with Synchronous Technology presented to over 40 specially invited guests
  2. Germany defeat Turkey to reach the final of Euro 2008
  3. Mandela tells Queen Elizabeth II ‘You look younger every time I see you’
  4. World 75 Safin defeats 3rd seed Djokovic at Wimbledon 2008
  5. Glastonbury opens for 2008 festival

I’m sure we all have our own view on the order and importance of the above events. It will likely depend on your interests or whether any of them affect you directly.

Now I’m interested in all of them, Synchronous Technology, football, tennis, music and current affairs. But Germany defeating Turkey doesn’t really excite me, in fact having seen the game did the best team actually win. ‘Private’ conversations between an elder statesman and our Queen should remain private irrespective of the press eavesdropping. Safin defeating Djokovic is hardly relevant because Federer or Nadal will win the Wimbledon title this year. As for Glastonbury well that normally means its going to rain…a lot, but nothing new there.

So without doubt the one that really mattered was 40 specially invited guests seeing Solid Edge with Synchronous Technology live at Siemens PLM Software headquarters in Camberley, UK.

The sessions presented throughout the day included:

These were presented by Jon Sutcliffe and me from Ingenea, and Russell Brook – Solid Edge Product Manager and Paul Abbott – Solid Edge Business Development Consultant from Siemens PLM Software. Andrew Sherlock from ShapeSpace introduced PartBrowser with “Haven’t I modelled something like that before”. This is likely to become an essential tool for all CAD users but will be invaluable for those using Solid Edge with Synchronous Technology.

For me the most enlightening part of the event was how the audience became more and more enthusiastic throughout the day. As they learnt more and more about Synchronous Technology the more they wanted to know as they understood how this could directly benefit them.

Attendees were able to try Solid Edge with Synchronous Technology themselves during the breaks.

Feedback was extremely positive with 77% thinking the event was excellent, the other 23% thought it was only good.

The general consensus at the end of the day was that of “We just can’t wait to get our hands on Solid Edge with Synchronous Technology”.

We managed to catch Colin Williams one of the attendees before he left for his thoughts.

Many thanks to Colin, all our attendees, and the other Siemens PLM Software staff who all helped to make this a fantastic event.