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Solid Edge Videos On Your iPad

For some time now it has been possible to access Solid Edge training videos and tutorials via iTunes, providing a convenient and useful way to view and store Solid Edge training material on your PC.

Did you know that Solid Mastermind [1], the on-line resource and community for Solid Edge users actually has a dedicated Podcast.

This Podcast provides some great free video tutorials for Solid Edge. The content includes Solid Edge training and Top Tips, that's Solid Mastermind's Solid Edge Tips & Tricks.

But... can you access this fantastic resource on what is arguably a true 'must have gadget' - the iPad?

Let’s find out....

First we need to launch the iTunes application on the iPad. Once there we can do a quick search for ‘Solid Edge’ under the Podcast section. This should find the following Podcast - ‘Solid Mastermind – Solid Edge Secrets’.

Solid Edge on iTunes

Once the Solid Mastermind Podcast appears with its list of episodes, we can select as many of them as we want and allow them to start downloading.

When the Podcast episodes have downloaded, we can access them by choosing the iPod shortcut on the iPad home screen, then choose the Podcasts category from the library on the left, and enjoy the videos in full screen HD quality.

Solid Edge Top Tip Playing on the iPad

Hey presto Solid Edge video tutorials on an iPad.

I have focused specifically on the iPad here but the same method will also work on an iPhone or iTouch.

Top Edging

Jon Sutcliffe