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Solid Edge on Facebook

Solid Mastermind the online training community for Solid Edge has launched a Facebook page. [1] Over 500 Million people use Facebook. The Solid Mastermind Facebook page allows you to use your favourite social media platform to keep abreast of the latest news on all things Solid Edge, as well as consume some valuable training material.

As you would expect the main page ‘Wall’ provides a live feed of the latest Solid Mastermind or Solid Edge related information. This includes information such as useful tips and tricks, general Solid Edge news, maintenance pack availability, release information and much more. Obviously this information will be streamed direct to your own wall if you become a ‘Fan’ and ‘Like’ the page.

Solid Edge Facebook Page [2]

However, one of the most useful resources on the page is the Video tab. Here you have access to some of the latest in a series of Solid Edge Top Tips that the Solid Mastermind team are rolling out over the coming months. These are full HD, widescreen videos so the quality is very good. Each of the videos gets right to the point and simply focuses on a specific Solid Edge tip - often in less than two minutes. This allows you to consume the information quickly and easily before moving onto the next one. Why not go ahead and give them a try.

Solid Edge Facebook Videos [3]

In addition to the standard Video tab, there is a ‘TopTips Video’ tab where you can access, yes you’ve guessed it, more Solid Edge videos. However these videos are strictly reserved for Facebook users who become a fan of the page. An extra incentive there to hit that ‘Like’ button at the top since they will not be visible unless you do so.

Solid Edge Facebook Top Tips Videos [4]

So what are you waiting for, head over to the Solid Mastermind Facebook [5] page, consume the information and become more profitable, efficient and productive with Solid Edge.

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Jon Sutcliffe