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Essential Solid Edge Tips & Tricks For Free

Before I let you in on this great free offer I just wanted to give you some background.

Solid Mastermind the expert on-line resource and community for Solid Edge professionals have recently released some brand new Solid Edge tutorials. These latest videos are called Solid Edge Top Tips. Tips and tricks for Solid Edge are probably the most requested resources from Solid Edge users.

Goto Solid Mastermind Top Tips Listing [1]

There are currently over 50 Solid Edge Top Tips available covering all Solid Edge environments such as draft, part, sheet metal, assembly – both ordered and synchronous. The tips are designed to be easy to consume (typically being no more than 3 minutes long) and get straight to the point as each one focuses on one specific area of Solid Edge functionality. They are also shot in HD so can be viewed in full screen with no loss of quality.

All these Top Tips videos are available to members of Solid Mastermind [2]. As a member you also have access to other on-line training videos and tutorials, best practice documents, process maps, Solid Edge utilities, Ask The Expert and much more. The Top Tips videos themselves are arranged into a logical index making it very easy to find the material you need.

If you want access to all the Top Tips you'll have to join Solid Mastermind [3].

...but here's the good news

A subset of the Top Tips videos are available for free. All you need to do is register at the Solid Mastermind Top Tips [4]website by providing your name and email as shown below:

Solid Mastermind Top Tips Registration [4]

You'll then be sent your own personal secure login to the site. I don't know how long these are going to be available so I suggest you register now.

Top Edging

Jon Sutcliffe