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Win Prizes For Speading The Word

It's an amazing set of statistics that as of early 2011 71% of the population of the USA and around 50% in the UK have a Facebook account.

If you're anything like me you previously thought of Facebook as just some passing fad or gimmick.

... but Facebook now refers more traffic to websites than Google.

Sketched Facebook LogoThat's right. Many of us probably still use Google to find information on the internet. If we want to find something we type the search term in Google and then look at the results presented.

It's hard to imagine, because of our own level of dependency on Google, that there is another source referring more people to websites. However it is a fact that the communities on Facebook and Facebook pages send more people to websites than Google.

As a consequence Facebook is becoming more and more important for business use.

In fact 'Social Media' generally is becoming a key element for business communication and information.

With this in mind Solid Mastermind have launched a contest to help encourage the use of social media within the Solid Edge community whilst spreading the word about their expert on-line resource and community.

There is a prize pot worth over $2000 so to find out how to take part and the prizes on offer click the link below:

Solid Mastermind Spread The Word Contest [1]

Most importantly make sure you are using social media in your business.