Everyone is talking about Synchronous Technology

Synchronous Technology has certainly got everyone talking.

Industry commentators, the press, CAD users and bloggers are all commenting on this new technology. As you would expect some are positive, some negative, some indifferent, some accurate and some inaccurate.

However we mustn’t lose site of the purpose on any CAD system. It is a tool to help product designers, production engineers and manufacturers perform their primary job responsibilities and should always be judged on this. It is not technology for technology’s sake. It’s about helping companies become more profitable, effective, efficient and productive in this increasingly difficult global economy.

Having read many of the articles and posts it is interesting how opinions vary. As expected those with the greatest clarity are written by those who have seen Synchronous Technology at first hand and understand the true function of a CAD system. In my opinion without this insight it is very difficult to explain such new and groundbreaking technology, and identify the benefits it should deliver.

Debate of any kind is good and should be encouraged as it provides a high degree of transparency. The wider the debate the better as that will most effectively address the fears, uncertainties and doubts of the majority.

The purpose of this blog is to stimulate well informed comment and debate by ensuring that you receive timely, accurate information about Synchronous Technology from those with first hand experience.

Solid Edge with Synchronous Technology was launched on Tuesday 20th May 2008. It will ship to new and exisitng users this summer. So we are able to now talk freely about it and discuss openly all it entails.

We urge all who participate in this blog to review our terms of use. They are in place to ensure that everyone, and the comments they submit, are treated in a respectful way.

Many thanks to B D Solis for use of his thumbnail image for this post.

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