Easy Design Changes with the Solid Edge Steering Wheel

The new Solid Edge Steering Wheel is a concept that allows you to very quickly and easily make dramatic modifications to your design.

Solid Edge Steering Wheel

To highlight this point I would like to compare how we would modify a design using history based parametric techniques to the way we can now make similar and more advanced modifications using Solid Edge with Synchronous Technology.

Parametric Modifications

In the short video below we’ll focus on the existing parametric methods. Here the main thing to note is that there will always need to be a certain amount of investigation prior to modifying the design, this is so we can establish what impact the changes will have on subsequent features as they rebuild. Also, depending on the changes required we may need to alter some of the underlying constraints that were defined in our original profiles. This does not stop us from being able to perform these modifications but is does tend to make them harder and more time consuming. In addition to this any change made will mean that the models history needs to re-compute. This is not a problem in a smaller example (such as the one we are using) but in a complex design that contains many features, the time delay for this can be considerable.

View a higher quality version of this video

Synchronous Modifications

In contrast to the example above, when we modify a Solid Edge Synchronous model, we can use the Solid Edge Steering Wheel. This ingenious device automatically appears whenever any geometry is selected. The major and minor axes on the Steering Wheel can be used to move geometry in a linear fashion whilst the wheel itself can be used to rotate. In addition to this the Steering Wheel may be repositioned and attached to any face, edge or keypoint in order to define the control vectors we need. Take a look at the video below to see the Solid Edge Steering Wheel in action

View a higher quality version of this video

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  1. This is definitely one of the key things to understand all of the methods for modifying parts. When using Solid Edge ST at the PLM World event, it took a little getting used to for making some changes to parts. After a few hours of time, using and watching someone use the keyboard shortcuts (definitely need to know these) I was able to make some pretty complex changes. It is pretty amazing what can be done, but will take some training.


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