How To Get On TV

It seems that everyone wants to become a celebrity nowadays. Many think that being on TV is one way to achieve this.

It’s difficult, and competition is fierce so by way of a helping hand here are some suggestions on ways to get on TV:

  1. Apply to be a guest on a top studio based TV show. If successful ensure that you wear the most colourful clothes you can and ideally dye your hair bright pink. Ensure that you record the show and hope that at some point the cameras survey the audience. Replay the recording and with any luck you will have been on TV and stand out enough to show your friends.
  2. Become a TV reporter.
  3. Get up to no good. This needs to be serious no good. One method that has worked recently is to fake your own death, get your next of kin to make a huge insurance claim, and then walk in to a police station five years later. 
  4. Join a parents for justice organisation. Dress as Superman/Superwoman and camp out on the rooftop of the highest profile government official who looks after family affairs. 
  5. Apply to compete on any well known TV reality show. 
  6. Run the London Marathon in fancy dress. Do not move too fast and ensure that you approach and put your arm around any person holding a microphone with a TV camera pointing at them on the edge of the course. 
  7. Become hugely successful at some sport. Ensure that the sport has massive TV exposure and hope for the best at the big tournaments, matches or events. 
  8. Become a politician and latch on to the current most popular debate.
  9. Hold a high profile position in a company that develops a ground breaking software program that will probably revolutionise the way products are designed from now forward.

It is this last highlighted technique that explains how Bruce Boes of Siemens PLM Software, developers of Solid Edge, actually got on TV.

Activate the clip through the image below. Now not everyone who is on TV wants to be a celebrity and I’m sure that is the case with Bruce. The real star of the show is Solid Edge with Synchronous Technology.

My favourite quote from the clip is Randall Newton stating “Today anyone shopping for a new mainstream 3D CAD product would be crazy to ignore Solid Edge”.


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