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Solid Edge Trial – Download Now For Free

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Yesterday, Siemens announced another bold move in making Solid Edge more accessible to the masses. If you want to take a closer look at Solid Edge, you can now register on-line and download a fully functioning 45 Day Trial for FREE!

There are no strings attached, you simply need to fill in your details and then download the software. What could be simpler than that?

One important point that I will draw your attention to is that you need to use a valid e-mail address since the license will be sent to you via this method.

There is no better time to find out how Solid Edge could help your company by adopting some of the most advanced 3D CAD tools which allow you to accelerate your design process and implement faster design changes than ever before by adopting Synchronous Technology.

The 45 day Solid Edge trial gives you access to the full Solid Edge Premium product. This means that it includes all the core Solid Edge modelling tools as well as the Solid Edge Simulation product and other various add-on modules such as the XpresRoute Tubing / Piping and Wire Harness design. The license file also contains the Mold Tooling application and Web Publisher so you can evaluate these elements too if necessary. The product is not limited in any way at all – apart from your 45 day time period.

How Can I Make The Most Of My Solid Edge Trial?

In conjunction with this new initiative from Siemens, the team over at Solid Mastermind are also offering a special Solid Edge trial and evaluation training package called Solid Mastermind for Solid Edge Evaluations. This gives you full access to all the Solid Edge on-line video tutorials and training courses for the full 45 day period.

This training material will give you the knowledge to make an informed decision about whether Solid Edge is right for your business. They are not just basic tutorials that you will find elsewhere on the web, they are full blown training courses that are the equivalent to what you would learn in a classroom environment – adapted for on-line video sessions so that you can learn at your own pace.

Of course you can also make good use of the other Solid Mastermind services such as best practice documentation, process maps, searchable knowledge base, ask the expert and various Solid Edge utilities.

To kickstart your trial process sign up for Solid Mastermind for Solid Edge Evaluations

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