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Solid Edge ST3 – The Wait is Nearly Over

Well, Solid Edge ST3 is very nearly with us. Siemens will officially announce the product on Wednesday 13th October, and it should be available to download (if you have that capability) very shortly after that.
I have already posted a few articles looking at what is new in various different areas of the product from the Interface through to the Customer Driven enhancements.

As I have mentioned already in some of those posts, the new functionality discussed is only the tip of the iceberg, there are some other major enhancements that Siemens has been keeping under its hat until the official announcement.

Earlier today I had the pleasure of having a meeting with Russell Brook the Technical Marketing Manager for Solid Edge. During this meeting Russell gave me the lowdown on Solid Edge ST3. Now I can’t say too much until after the official announcement, but let me tell you the technology in ST3 is once again ground breaking. It now fulfils the vision of Synchronous Technology and opens the technology to all Solid Edge users. Combined with the customer enhancements I have posted about already and more besides, ST3 is going to make this milestone release the best for a while.

More to come after the official announcement from Siemens on the 13th October 2010

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