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Making Synchronous Design Changes in an Assembly

We have seen various posts and examples that demonstrate the benefits that Solid Edge with Synchronous Technology has when it comes to initial geometry creation or making fast flexible design changes. Some of these include:-

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However all of these examples focus on the creation and manipulation of geometry within the part model itself. I now want to illustrate some of the capabilities we have with regards to making design changes directly within the assembly.

A synchronous assembly will allow us to manipulate a parts geometry using the Steering Wheel, PMI dimensions and Live Rules, all without the need to in place edit the component. This ultimately speeds up the design process for us since we can make modifications to multiple part simultaneously.

The video below will demonstrate these capabilities but first of all I would like to set the scene…

The scenario is that we have a partially completed design of a garage door opener. A supplier who uses a different 3D CAD product (this could be SolidWorks, Inventor or any other 3D CAD application) has designed a couple of parts and sent them to us in order to be used in the final assembly. Once we have brought them into our design we then find out they need some modifications in order to fit and function correctly. In the past this would have involved getting our supplier to make the required changes and re-sending the new files. This of course would have a lengthy turnaround time associated with it as well as certain communication barriers that may need to be crossed. This would not be the case If we used Solid Edge with Synchronous Technology, these changes can be implemented in minutes rather than days as we shall see below.

View a higher quality version of this video [6]

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